[Pacemaker] Stagger resource migration times

Nick Morrison nick at nick.on.net
Mon Nov 7 12:47:05 EST 2011


I am running Lucid with hb/pcmk from default repos. I have multiple VirtualDomains colo'd with multiple primary/secondary drbd instances. When I migrate a host, pcmk stops the VirtualDomain, demotes the drbd instance, promotes it on the other node, and starts the VirtualDomain.

I'm having trouble understanding pacemaker's timing.  If I type "crm node standby host-1", will crm attempt to do everything as quickly as possible (shut down all VMs at once)?  How does its resource management timing work in this regard?  Is it possible to specify a "stagger" or "jitter" time for a deliberate delay between stopping/starting VMs on the same host so they don't all compete for host resources at the same time?


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