[Pacemaker] monitoring of virtual filesystems

Frank.Belau at o-s.de Frank.Belau at o-s.de
Mon Nov 7 10:16:10 EST 2011


how can i monitor free space of virtual filesystems in an active / passive cluster  with an external monitoring tool (such as Tivoli, HP OVO, Nagios or Nimbus) monitor? The file systems are mounted only on the active node. I have no clusterfilesystems such ocfs in use, only ext3.unfortunately there is no monitoring via snmp- or am I wrong there? Can someone give me a hint about it?

is perhaps also important to know that the values ​​of the monitoring will be used for billing.

PS: I I'm the Pacemaker version of SLES 11 SP1 in use

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/best regards

Frank B.

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