[Pacemaker] Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS and the VirtualDomain RA

Nick Morrison nick at nick.on.net
Thu Nov 3 04:55:56 EDT 2011


I've done a very stock installation of Ubuntu 10.04.3, including "apt-get install heartbeat pacemaker".  I've added a DRBD master/slave, and a VirtualDomain primitive.

I do not have shared storage, because I want to reduce split-brain risk.  My DRBDs are all Primary/Secondary.  So to migrate, I shutdown the VirtualDomain, demote/promote the DRBD resource, and start the VirtualDomain on the other host.

During a pacemaker migrate, I get the following error from the VirtualDomain RA:

Nov  2 21:34:12 kvm-host-01 VirtualDomain[20755]: ERROR: Virtual domain host1 has no state during stop operation, bailing out.

.. which seems silly, because a "no state" always seems to happen (briefly) when a virtual domain shuts down.  It looks like part of normal operations.  I see it for a second or so when I run "virsh list" repeatedly after running "virsh shutdown <domain>".

A quick bit of googling led me to find some others had had this problem too, and someone wrote a patch for the RA, and etc.  The patched version of the RA doesn't seem to have made it into Lucid's repo.

Can anyone help me out with some advice?

Cheers and beers,


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