[Pacemaker] Problem with colocation

Yingliang Yang zjutyyl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 06:36:33 EDT 2011

I'm glad to help you.

2011/7/26 Taneli Lepp wrote:
> Hello,

> On 25.7.11 13:28, Yingliang Yang wrote:
>> <constraints>
>> <rsc_colocation id="Sphinx_with_IP" rsc="Sphinx" score-attribute="INF"
>> with-rsc="Sphinx_IP"/>
>> </constraints>
>> There is a problem in your config.
>> The score-attribute should be score and its value should be INFINITY.
> Thanks, you were correct. The Cluster from Scratch manual uses "inf"
> shorthand all the time, so I thought it would work.

> Should this kind of error pass the schema check anyways?

score-attribute="INF" can pass the schema chek, score="INF" can't.
score-attribute is unused in colocation.
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