[Pacemaker] Clone resource each instance start\Stop

manish.gupta at ionidea.com manish.gupta at ionidea.com
Tue Jul 26 04:49:22 EDT 2011


    I have configured a multi-state(clone)resource float IP(IP).
    It is running on all the configure Nodes.

    I am trying to stop it using crm_resource command

    crm_resource -r IP:0 -p target-role -v stopped

    I am getting this error.

    Error performing operation : The object/attribute does not exist.

    Please anybody can help me. How can I stop a single instance using
any command

    If I manually down a single instance on one node ,then i clean
instance than it comes up means it start again.

 ifconfig eth0:1 down
 crm_resource -C -r IP:0 -H NodeName

 It is working properly.

 Cluster stack

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