[Pacemaker] Initial quorum

pskrap pskrap at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 05:19:33 EDT 2011


I have a cluster where some of the resources cannot run on the same node. All 
resources must be running to provide a functioning service. This means that a 
certain amount of nodes needs to be up before it makes sense for the cluster to
start any resources. All works fine after enough nodes have been installed and
started so that Pacemaker have detected them and updated the expected quorum
votes to a high enough number. However, during installation of nodes Pacemaker
does not yet know that a certain number of nodes is needed and it will attempt to
start resources already after installing the first node. This obviously causes
failures since the resources have colocation rules.

If I understand correctly Pacemaker automatically detects new nodes and updates
the number of expected quorum votes accordingly. My question is: Is it possible
to somehow tell Pacemaker that X number of nodes is needed before resources can
be started? For example is it possible to manually set the number of expected
quorum votes? Or can nodes somehow be manually made known to Pacemaker before it
has actually seen them? 

Right now I have to install enough nodes first and then try to start Pacemaker
simultaneously on all nodes to prevent issues. This makes automating the
installation much harder since the nodes would need to synchronize the Pacemaker
start as opposed to just start it up and when quorum is reached resources would
be started.

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