[Pacemaker] user permissions to start / stop certain resource groups

Tegtmeier.Martin Martin.Tegtmeier at realtech.com
Mon Jul 18 09:37:29 EDT 2011

Hello Andrew,

is it possible to create user based permissions allowing certain OS users to start / stop a resource group? These users should NOT be able to alter the cluster / resource configuration.

Background: Different SAP Systems running inside one cluster. The hardware, OS and cluster administration is separated from the SAP application administration (different teams). The SAP administrators should be able to start / stop / re-start their SAP system. They should not be able to control any other SAP System within the same cluster nor should they be allowed to change constraints, resource configurations, etc.

If this is currently not possible would you consider it as an enhancement request?

Thanks and regards,
  -Martin Tegtmeier
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