[Pacemaker] Trouble getting fence_apc working on RHEL 6.1

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Sun Jul 17 14:32:24 EDT 2011

I've been trying to get my APC switched PDU working with Pacemaker using
Red Hat's fence_apc fence agent. The agent itself works fine. I can
fence nodes using:

fence_na -a -l apc -p secret -n 1 -o reboot

When I try to fence using CRM though, I get these two errors:

st_output="Parse error: Ignoring unknown option
'nodename=an-node02.alteeve.com'#012Failed: Unable to obtain correct
plug status or plug is not available#012"

The configuration is:

# crm configure show
node an-node01.alteeve.com \
	attributes standby="off"
node an-node02.alteeve.com \
	attributes standby="off"
primitive apc-fencing stonith:fence_apc \
	params \
	pcmk_host_map="an-node01.alteeve.com:1,an-node02.alteeve.com:2" \
	pcmk_host_list="an-node01.alteeve.com an-node02.alteeve.com" \
	pcmk_host_check="static-list" \
	ipaddr="" \
	action="reboot" \
	login="apc" \
	passwd="secret" \
	port="TBA" \
	property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
	dc-version="1.1.5-5.el6-01e86afaaa6d4a8c4836f68df80ababd6ca3902f" \
	cluster-infrastructure="openais" \
	expected-quorum-votes="2" \

The full log file and the 'pe-warn' file are quite long and would wrap
badly in email. So I've put them up here:


Any idea what magic I am missing? :)

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