[Pacemaker] Upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1

Proskurin Kirill k.proskurin at corp.mail.ru
Fri Jul 15 08:33:46 EDT 2011

Hello all.

I found what I using corosync with pacemaker "ver:0" with installed 
pacemaker 1.1.5 - eg without start a pacemakerd.

Sounds wrong. :-)
So I try to upgrade.
I shutdown one node. Change 0 to 1 on service.d/pcmk
Start corosync and then start pacemakerd via init script.

But this node stays online and on clusters DC I see:
cib: [18392]: WARN: cib_peer_callback: Discarding cib_sync_one message 
(255) from mysender10.example.com: not in our membership

Is there is a way to upgrade all nodes one by one without shutdown all 

Best regards,
Proskurin Kirill

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