[Pacemaker] WARN: ..... unmanaged failed resources cannot prevent clone shutdown

Andreas Kurz andreas.kurz at linbit.com
Fri Jul 1 07:23:33 EDT 2011


In a cluster without stonith enabled (yes I know ....) the monitor
failure of one resource followed by the stop failure of a dependent
resource lead to a cascade of errors especially because the cluster did
not stop the shutdown sequence on stop (timeout) failures:

WARN: should_dump_input: Ignoring requirement that
resource_fs_home_stop_0 comeplete before ms_drbd_home_demote_0:
unmanaged failed resources cannot prevent clone shutdown

... and that is really ugly in a DRBD Environment, because demote/stop
will not work when the DRBD device is in use -- so in this case this
order requirement on stop must not be ignored.

The result were a lot of unmanaged resources and the cluster even tried
to promote the MS resource on the other node although the second
instance was neither demoted nor stopped.

Is there any possibility to tune this behavior?

Even with stonith enabled the cluster would first migrate all resources
that don't depend on the unmanaged(failed) resource away before
executing the stonith, am I right?

thx & Regards,

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