[Pacemaker] R:Re: Multiple Active Cluster

Mirko Leanza m.leanza at resi.it
Fri Jul 1 05:44:24 EDT 2011

>Search for the "localnode" feature of the LVS. You can install the 
>Loadbalancer on the application machines. No "waste" or hardware.
>So my suggestion:
>- 5 machines with the application
>- on two of there machines install the cluster software and the ldirectord.

>Have the ldirectord resource controlled by the cluster.

>You get an application cluster with 5 machines and a HA loadbalancer.

Hi Michael, these are really good news!
I may would ask you just one clarification there are some kind of problem to
install the ldirector on all of the 5 nodes?
So we will able to sustain a fault on more than one nodes until a max of
fou... on the edge, in case of disaster the balancer and the application
will be collapse on the only node that survive.

Thanks for help!



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