[Pacemaker] More then one stonith-resource on one node

Marc marcus.kuhn at stuttgart.de
Thu Dec 22 07:35:26 EST 2011

Florian Haas <florian at ...> writes:

> Two STONITH devices for one host, _both_ of which you expect to
> trigger, is nothing I remember as ever having been supported, up to
> this point. What you can do is to run staggered fencing, that is, a
> higher-priority fencing device fires first, and then _if that fails_,
> another lower-priority one does.

This will not help, cause in my case both STONITH devices should work successful.

> So perhaps you can be patient until then and settle for IPMI in the meantime?

My devices (wti ips-400) only knows telnet :-( I'm wondering, because the device
is RedHat Cluster certified, and for a cluster without a spof I need two devices
and so two stonith devices. Or do I make something completely wrong? (I'm new
with Linux-Cluster. Worked with MC-Serviceguard and Veritas Cluster before.)

How about a STONITH-resource that calls a script? So this part will be more
flexible in future. 

> Cheers,
> Florian

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