[Pacemaker] More then one stonith-resource on one node

Marc K. marcus.kuhn at stuttgart.de
Tue Dec 20 09:42:47 EST 2011

Hello together,

I found an older Posting from September this year, with the same problem:
- a two node cluster
- every node has two power supplies 
- power supply one is connected to wti-powerswitch 1
- power supply two is connected to wti-powerswitch 2
- wit-powerswitch 1 is connected to datacenter-ups 1  
- wit-powerswitch 2 is connected to datacenter-ups 2

I need two stonith-resources for each node. Working is only one. The second will
ingnored. (On commandline both working fine.)

Google found an older post from September this year with the same problem. There
are new solutions in meantime? (In this post was no really solutions:-( )

Best regards


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