[Pacemaker] ACL setup

Larry Brigman larry.brigman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:15:36 EST 2011

I have installed pacemaker 1.1.5 and configure ACLs based on the info from

It looks like the user still does not have read access.

Here is the acl section of config
      <acl_role id="monitor">
        <read id="monitor-read" xpath="/cib"/>
      <acl_user id="nvs">
        <role_ref id="monitor"/>
      <acl_user id="acm">
        <role_ref id="monitor"/>

Here is what the user is getting:
[nvs at sweng0057 ~]$ crm node show
Signon to CIB failed: connection failed
Init failed, could not perform requested operations
ERROR: cannot parse xml: no element found: line 1, column 0
[nvs at sweng0057 ~]$ crm status

Connection to cluster failed: connection failed

Any ideas as to why this wouldn't work and what to fix?
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