[Pacemaker] Cleanup on Master/Slave DRBD resource changes the roles

Georgios Kasapoglou gkasap at intracom.gr
Fri Dec 2 04:54:37 EST 2011

Hi all,
I've a 2-nodes cluster using pacemaker 1-2.
I've set a DRBD resource, according to 

Everything works fine, except when I'm trying to cleanup the "master".
E.g., when I ran cleanup on drbd_r0:0 which runs on node1 while it is 
Master, then it will change to Slave
and drbd_r0:1 on node2 will become Master.

I've checked the /var/log/messages and saw the message below:
r0 already Primary, demoting.

I found that  drbd_start function in 
"/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/linbit/drbd" is responsible for this.

I've searched in the documentation, how cleanup works but found nothing. 
Maybe I have not searched in the
right documents. I suspect that it calls stop and start.
Is that true?

In any case, my problem is how to stop this swapping when I do cleanup.
If someone is familiar with this, please help me.

Thanks in advance for your effort.
Georgios Kasapoglou

Georgios Kasapoglou
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