[Pacemaker] Announcing Pacemaker 1.1.5 for Debian GNU/Linux

Joerg Sauer lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net
Mon Aug 29 07:32:53 EDT 2011

On Friday 26 August 2011 11:03:34 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz wrote:

> Pacemaker 1.1.5 has just hit Debian GNU/Linux Unstable ("Sid") along with
> according versions of corosync (1.4.1), cluster-glue (1.0.7+hg),
> resource-agents (3.9.2) and Heartbeat (3.0.5).

Thanks for these packages which I am trying out on a new server.

I noticed a file conflict ("/usr/share/cluster/drbd.metadata") with the drbd8-
utils package in Squeeze. Of course for the time being this can be worked 
around with by doing something like

dpkg -i --force-overwrite \
apt-get -f install

Best regards,

Joerg Sauer <lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net>

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