[Pacemaker] Antwort: OCF module for SAP live cache

alexander.krauth at basf.com alexander.krauth at basf.com
Tue Aug 23 07:49:16 EDT 2011

"Janec, Jozef" <jozef.janec at hp.com> schrieb am 23.08.2011 08:55:34:
> Hello All,
> We have SAP server which has includes SAP Live Cache. I'm not able find 
OCF script in the pacemaker classes or heartbeat classes, I would like to 
ask if there is some module like this or not
> Thanks
> Best regards, 
> Jozef

Hi Jozef,

short answer: No.

We currently have the two agents SAPInstance and SAPDatabase. But both are 
not valid to manage a SAP LiveCache.
If you don't want to monitor the LiveCache, I would suggest to include the 
LiveCache start/stop commands to the USEREXITS of the SAP Central Instance 
(if in the same resource group).
Monitoring would need a new resource agent, because LiveCache needs a 
complete different command set, than all the other SAP things. Currently I 
don't know, if it is important enough for many people.

I would expect SAP to support LiveCache in the future with saphostctrl. I 
have prepared (for already a long time ) the changes to the SAPDatabase RA 
to work with saphostctrl. But not yet posted, because I'm still missing 
some features in saphostctrl to use it really as a HA tool.
If both would be the case, you may be able in the future to use 
SAPDatabase for LiveCache (including monitoring).

Best regards,

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