[Pacemaker] Announce: Hawk 4.1 (Pacemaker GUI) packages for Debian Squeeze

Joerg Sauer lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net
Sun Aug 21 17:44:51 EDT 2011

> On Aug 20, 2011, at 6:14 PM, Joerg Sauer <lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net>
> wrote:
> > This version should also install and run on Ubuntu 10.04 (only minimally
> > tested).
On Sun August 21 2011 06:07:26 Cotton Tenney wrote:
> Awesome, I'll be trying this out next week. Thanks!

Uhm, that statement about Ubuntu 10.04 was actually wildly incorrect. The 
Squeeze package will not work on Lucid, so I created a separate one. It does 
not use the Ruby libs provided by Ubuntu, though (has frozen gems just like 

There is also an APT repository with both packages now.

More information:

Best regards,

Joerg Sauer <lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net>

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