[Pacemaker] TOTEM: Process pause detected? Leading to STONITH...

Sebastian Kaps sebastian.kaps at imail.de
Sat Aug 13 06:32:08 EDT 2011


On 12.08.2011, at 12:19, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:

>>> http://marc.info/?l=openais&m=130989380207300&w=2
> I do not see any corosync pauses after applied it (right after it have
> been posted). Although I had vacations for two weeks, all other time I

Thanks for the info! I hope it will fix the problem we're having, too.

> One more thing I did is updated igb driver and returned its buffers to
> original 256 (bearing in mind that I originally had pause problem after
> I increased that buffers to 4096). Do not know if it has influence.

Our machines have Broadcom (iirc) GB-NICs on-board and additional 
Brocade 10G adapter cards (all parameters are at their defaults). 
So we're not using the IGB driver.

>> problem) -- does the patch cleanly apply to v1.4.1?
> yes

Thanks, I'll report back after I updated our installation.


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