[Pacemaker] Patches for VirtualDomain RA

Dominik Klein dominik.klein at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 8 08:56:47 EDT 2011

>> 1) During stop operation libvirt occasionally returns an error because the
>> state cannot be determined just the moment the machine is shut down. This
>> patch makes the RA try to get the state again one time. If the machine is
>> down then everything is OK.

>> 2) The next problem is that a graceful shutdown sometimes does not work
>> when the machine just booted. This patch makes the RA send a shutdown
>> command every 10 seconds while shutting down the machine. This catches the
>> boot problem.

> No comments about there patches at all?

Well, shouldn't this go to the dev list instead of the pacemaker list? 
Maybe you'd get comments there.

I won't comment on the code written and didn't verify it at all but I 
did also experience problems in the described situations so I'd vote for 
the patch to go in.


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