[Pacemaker] Backup ring is marked faulty

Sebastian Kaps sebastian.kaps at imail.de
Mon Aug 8 05:23:25 EDT 2011

Hi Steven,

On 07.08.2011, at 18:44, Steven Dake wrote:

> If a ring is marked faulty, it is no longer operational and there is no
> longer a redundant network.

Ok, but compared to a seemingly operational backup ring that appearantly 
ultimately causes the cluster nodes to shoot each other for no actual reason,
this looks like the lesser of two evils to me. Of course, it's mandatory to 
fix the underlying problem by updating our Corosync installation.

>> To my knowledge, changing the ring configuration requires a complete 
>> restart of the cluster framework on all nodes, right?
> yes although fixing the retransmit list problem will not require a restart

Just to make sure: by "not require a restart" you mean, I could update and 
restart the service one node at a time -- while the cluster resources are 
moved to the remaining online node(s)?


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