[Pacemaker] Default gateway issues

Ruben Laban r.laban at ism.nl
Mon Aug 8 04:19:08 EDT 2011

On Friday 05 August 2011 at 15:57 (CET), Albéric de Pertat wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm beginning to use pacemaker and I have come across the
> following problem :
> I have two nodes with ips and routed
> via I have declared an IPaddr resource for
> So far so good.
> primitive ip ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr \
>         params ip="" cidr_netmask="24" nic="eth0" \
>         broadcast=""
> Then I added a Route resource like so :
> primitive gw ocf:heartbeat:Route \
>         params destination="" gateway=""
> This also works fine. The problems come if I try to move the
> resources. If I standby the node where ip is running, the
> resources ip and gw will move fine but the first node will be
> left without a default gateway as the Route RA simply deletes it
> when it stops, whether it's been added by the cluster or not.
> I have tried several pacemaker configurations, none of which
> worked, and I am beginning to think I should not have my
> "passive" gateway in the cluster at all. Is there a way to do
> this or should I modify the Route RA so that it saves the gateway
> before replacing it ?
> Thanks for your help

Instead of adding a single default route (, add 2 split-default 
routes: and These routes will take preference over the 
dafault, but wont "overwrite" it.

Ruben Laban

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