[Pacemaker] Backup ring is marked faulty

Sebastian Kaps sebastian.kaps at imail.de
Thu Aug 4 17:04:58 EDT 2011

Hi Steven,

On 04.08.2011, at 20:59, Steven Dake wrote:

> meaning the corosync community doesn't investigate redundant ring issues
> prior to corosync versions 1.4.1.

Sadly, we need to use the SLES version for support reasons.
I'll try to convince them to supply us with a fix for this problem.

In the mean time: would it be safe to leave the backup ring marked faulty 
the next this happens? Would this result in a state that is effectively 
like having no second ring or is there a chance that this might still 
affect the cluster's stability? 
To my knowledge, changing the ring configuration requires a complete 
restart of the cluster framework on all nodes, right?

> I expect the root of ypur problem is already fixed (the retransmit list
> problem) however in the repos and latest released versions.

I'll try to get an update as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!


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