[Pacemaker] Live demo of Pacemaker Cloud on Fedora: Friday August 5th at 8am PST

Bob Schatz bschatz at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 21:39:26 EDT 2011


Are you planning on recording/taping it if I want to watch it later?



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Subject: [Pacemaker] Live demo of Pacemaker Cloud on Fedora: Friday August 5th at 8am PST

Extending a general invitation to the high availability communities and
other cloud community contributors to participate in a live demo I am
giving on Friday August 5th 8am PST (GMT-7).  Demo portion of session is
15 minutes and will be provided first followed by more details of our
approach to high availability.

I will use elluminate to show the demo on my desktop machine.  To make
elluminate work, you will need icedtea-web installed on your system
which is not typically installed by default.

You will also need a conference # and bridge code.  Please contact me
offlist with your location and I'll provide you with a hopefully toll
free conference # and bridge code.

Elluminate link:

Bridge Code:  Please contact me off list with your location and I'll
respond back with dial-in information.

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