[Pacemaker] is a single node cluster possible?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Aug 31 06:29:22 EDT 2011

I have a need to create single node clusters with pacemaker.

Crazy you might say.  It does seem crazy at first but there are two
drivers for this:

The first is testing.  I want to write a single code path for
controlling the starting and stopping of resources in larger, real,
multi-node clusters controlled with pacemaker.

The second, more practical reason is that we want to be able to deploy
machines that are scalable from 1 upwards, without having to completely
reconfigure the way services are started and stopped when the deployment
grows from their single node to multiple nodes for the same set of
services.  Again, having a single code path for all of this is desirable.

I noted this thread back in 2008:

At that time it was theoretically possible with a "null" comm plugin
which would be used instead of talking to HB or openais.

Has anything changed on this front?

Has anyone used pacemaker in this configuration who might want to share
their recipe(s) with me?

Thanks and cheers,

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