[Pacemaker] IPaddr2 resource IP unavailable on 'lo' interface for brief period after start

Patrick H. pacemaker at feystorm.net
Sat Aug 27 04:22:08 EDT 2011

So the issue is that whenever I start up an IP with an IPaddr2 resource, 
the IP is unavailable when attempting to connect via lo interface for 
approximately 21 seconds after the resource is started.

What I am doing is starting up the IP resource, and then I have another 
resource that tries to start, but prior to starting it does a status 
check by connecting to that IP on a TCP port to see if the service is 
up. And if it isnt up, then it starts it. Well I should immediately get 
a 'connection refused' message as the service isnt running, however I 
dont. Instead the resource times out as I have startup timeout set to 20 
seconds, and connection attempts wont give 'connection refused' until 
after 21 seconds. However I can try to connect from another host on the 
network and I immediately get 'connection refused' as expected, even 
while the box trying to connect to itself is still not working.

But it gets even more interesting. I did a tcpdump on eth0 interface 
(the interface the IPaddr2 resource IP is on) the box running the 
resources and I get the following when resources start up (presumably 
triggered by the box trying to connect for the status check):
   01:12:21.423330 arp who-has (Broadcast) tell
   01:12:22.428523 arp who-has (Broadcast) tell
   01:12:23.429342 arp who-has (Broadcast) tell
Notice as my box seems to be having a slight identity crisis 
( is the IPaddr2 resource)

Also when I tcpdump on the lo interface I get the following
   01:15:41.837719 IP > S 
1770941237:1770941237(0) win 32792 <mss 16396,sackOK,timestamp 190131056 
0,nop,wscale 4>
   01:15:44.845531 IP > S 
1770941237:1770941237(0) win 32792 <mss 16396,sackOK,timestamp 190134064 
0,nop,wscale 4>
Which indicates that the box clearly isnt responding ( is 
the box's normal ip)

As mentioned earlier, after 21 seconds I start getting 'connection 
refused' when attempting to connect. The packets are still going over 
the lo interface at this point, so nothing changes. Additionally an arp 
reply never does come back on eth0 or lo, it just magically starts working.
I could bump up my timeout to something higher, but i would really 
prefer to get this issue solved.
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