[Pacemaker] [Question]The value of the attribute is changed by a timing and is sent.

renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Mon Aug 22 21:29:59 EDT 2011

Hi All,

We confirmed the situation that a value from attrd was sent to by the change of the value just before that.

Aug 14 20:05:33 srv01 attrd: [13880]: info: attrd_trigger_update: Sending flush op to all hosts for: default_ping_set (100)
Aug 14 20:05:33 srv01 pingd: [14137]: info: stand_alone_ping: Node is unreachable (read)
Aug 14 20:05:33 srv01 attrd: [13880]: info: attrd_ha_callback: flush message from srv01
Aug 14 20:05:33 srv01 attrd: [13880]: info: attrd_perform_update: Sent update 121: default_ping_set=0

The movement that we supposed from log is as follows.

Step1) The timer of the value of dampen(default=5s) worked.
          Attrd transmits flush message to transmit default_ping_set attribute 100.
Step2) However, the communication of the network fell just after that.
          The default_ping_set level in attrd is changed to 0 by pingd.
Step3) Attrd was going to transmit 100 at the point in time when I transmitted flush message(Step1), but attrd in response to flush message transmitted a value of default_ping_set with 0.

Is this movement specifications?
Or is it a bug?

If attrd transmits a latest attribute level by all means, I can understand this movement when it is specifications.

Best Regards,
Hideo Yamauchi.

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