[Pacemaker] Announce: Hawk 4.1 (Pacemaker GUI) packages for Debian Squeeze

Joerg Sauer lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net
Fri Aug 19 11:42:34 EDT 2011


I build a package for Debian Squeeze (amd64) containing the Hawk 4.1 web-based 
GUI for Pacemaker.

I do not have much experience with building Debian packages, but as far as I 
can tell the binary package behaves in a sane way and installs a working Hawk 
on Squeeze. I have been using it on a two-node storage cluster for a few days 
without issues.

Announcement and additional info:


Feedback, especially regarding errors and possible improvements, is highly 

Best regards,

Joerg Sauer <lists_pacemaker at dizopsin.net>

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