[Pacemaker] When a resource starts all at once in environment using utilization, score may not work

Yuusuke IIDA iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Aug 18 03:54:55 EDT 2011

Hi, Yan
Hi, Andrew

I started service by the following setting all at once.
However, the placement of the resource was not carried out as expected.

* By a function of utilization, I confine the resource that can start in each
node to only one.
* It is real rsc_location and the image as follows.
location rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB1 grpPostgreSQLDB1 \
        rule $id="rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB1-rule" 200: #uname eq act1
location rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB2 grpPostgreSQLDB2 \
        rule $id="rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB2-rule" 200: #uname eq act2
location rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB3 grpPostgreSQLDB3 \
        rule $id="rsc_location-grpPostgreSQLDB3-rule" 200: #uname eq act3
location cli-prefer-grpPostgreSQLDB3 grpPostgreSQLDB3 \
        rule $id="cli-prefer-rule-grpPostgreSQLDB3" inf: #uname eq act1
////|grpPostgreSQLDB1|grpPostgreSQLDB2	|grpPostgreSQLDB3
act1|200             |0                 |INFINITY
act2|0               |200               |0
act3|0               |0                 |200
sby1|0               |0                 |0
sby2|0               |0                 |0

* The placement of the resource that I expected is as follows.
grpPostgreSQLDB1: act3
grpPostgreSQLDB2: act2
grpPostgreSQLDB3: act1

* The placement carried out is really as follows.
grpPostgreSQLDB1: act2
grpPostgreSQLDB2: act3
grpPostgreSQLDB3: act1

Because I carried out "crm resource move grpPostgreSQLDB3 act1", the thing that
grpPostgreSQLDB3 starts in act1 does not have any problem.
Why did not grpPostgreSQLDB2 which had the highest score in act2 start?
Is this movement revised as a bug?

Best Regards,

Yuusuke Iida
Mail: iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp
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