[Pacemaker] crm load replace issue

Schaefer, Diane E diane.schaefer at unisys.com
Wed Aug 10 13:43:25 EDT 2011

  I have two sets of 2 node clusters, one set up for disaster recovery.  I am attempting to backup my cluster from the production system and load the definitions into the DR cluster.  The systems are named the same.  I am using heartbeat 3.0.4 and pacemaker 1.1.5.  When I run the crm configure load replace command I always get the following error:

ERROR: 3bad7b25-d0e8-2f59-c2e3-648c57dfa5ed: invalid object id

For the most part the cluster defs seem to be replaced.
Our ha.cf
autojoin none
use_logd false
logfacility daemon
debug 0

# use the v2 cluster resource manager
crm yes

# the cluster communication happens via unicast on bond0 and broadcast on hb1
compression bz2
ucast bond0 <NODE1_MGT_IP>
ucast bond0 <NODE2_MGT_IP>
ucast hb1 <NODE1_HB1_IP>
ucast hb1 <NODE2_HB1_IP>

deadtime 60
initdead 60
keepalive 2
uuidfrom nodename

# these are the node names participating in the cluster
# the names should match "uname -n" output on the system

Is this an error that should be ignored or is there something else wrong?

Diane Schaefer

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