[Pacemaker] DMC 0.9.7 - Pacemaker/Storage GUI

Rasto Levrinc rasto.levrinc at linbit.com
Thu Aug 4 07:57:20 EDT 2011


This is the next DMC release 0.9.7. DMC is Pacemaker, Cluster Virtual Manager
and Storage/DRBD GUI written in Java.

The LVM plugins are now normal part of the GUI in the "Storage" view, where
you can create, delete physical volumes, volume groups, logical volumes,
resize them and create snapshots in the (whole) cluster. Goodbye command

Some issues with KDE/Compiz were fixed or at least they were made much less
likely to appear. Most notably blank windows. Personally I haven't use KDE
since the 4.0 came out and just assumed that everything worked at least as
anything else on the KDE, but it didn't.

Some issues with applets were fixed as well, so go ahead and use your browser
for everything. :)



You can get DRBD:MC here:

1. You don't need Java on the cluster servers only on your desktop.
2. Download the DMC-0.9.7.jar file.
3. Start it: java -jar DMC-0.9.7.jar, or click on the file.
4. It connects to the cluster via SSH.
5. If you use it without DRBD, you have to click "Skip" button on couple of
6. It is recommended to use it with SUN Java.

DRBD:MC is compatible with Heartbeat 2.1.3 to the Pacemaker 1.1.5 with
Corosync or Heartbeat and DRBD 8.

The most important changes:
* fix fonts in dialogs
* convert plugin code to normal dialogs
* add --debug <level> option
* add VG remove dialog
* add VG create to the dialogs
* add PV remove dialog
* show in the graph whether the block device is physical volume
* add PV create dialog
* add --out option to redirect the stdout
* fix distro detection so that it detects centos6
* fix unexpected jumping from Service view to VM view
* make default button work in dialogs again
* allow setting both bds to primary if allow-two-primaries is set
* don't allow to enter the same ids for the same resources
* don't create new dependent resource with existing id
* use checkboxes for colocation and order only constraints
* fix "gray window" problem with popups
* "type to search" feature for popups
* fix problem with not editable fields in an applet
* workarounds for gray windows
* fix null pointer exception, while removing a DRBD volume
* fix problem with menu nodes, while adding a clone

Rasto Levrinc


DI Rastislav Levrinc
Senior Software Engineer

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