[Pacemaker] When I started a resource after a stop in the environment that set placement-strategy, there is a problem.

Yuusuke IIDA iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Aug 2 07:47:15 EDT 2011

Hi, Yan
Hi, Andrew

When I operated the resource, I think that I do not want to affect the
irrelevant resource working if possible.

I performed the following operation in the environment that set placement-strategy.

 - I stopped resource grpPostgreSQLDB1 temporarily.

 - I produced trouble in resource grpPostgreSQLDB3 and moved it to node act1.

 - I removed a stop state of resource grpPostgreSQLDB1.

 - As a result, resource grpPostgreSQLDB1 started in node act2 and originally
resource grpPostgreSQLDB2 which started in node act2 was thrown out of the node
and started in node act3.

 - It is not preferable for service to stop temporarily by starting resource
grpPostgreSQLDB2 being moved.

I compare the starting resource with the stopping resource to solve this problem
and think a resource during the start to have to raise priority.

I attach a patch to solve this problem.

Please confirm it.

Best Regards,

Yuusuke Iida
Mail: iidayuus at intellilink.co.jp
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