[Pacemaker] Ordering Sets of Resources within Groups

Ulf mopp at gmx.net
Mon Apr 11 17:21:56 EDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

>> As crm command it should be something like this:
>> order start-order 0: ( A B ) C D ( E F )
>> In this example score 0 is set, but I want to set "no score", how to do it?

>Your question doesn't make sense.  There is always a score, whether
>you supply one or not.
Is there a difference between? Or is in both cases the score 0?
order start-order 0: ( A B ) C D ( E F )
order start-order : ( A B ) C D ( E F )

>If you mean "within a set", then you'll need   X ( A B ) C D ( E F )
>Starting X will then allow everything else to start assuming i recall

Here is my complete configuration from my last test, which still doesn't work.
After starting start_trigger the other resource remain offline.
# crm configure
primitive start_trigger ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive A ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive B ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive C ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive D ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive E ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
primitive F ocf:pacemaker:Dummy
order start-order1 : start_trigger ( A B ) C D ( E F )

All resources are now online and distributed on both nodes
# crm resource
stop start_trigger
start_trigger is stopped now. But all other resources are still online.
Stopping all resources manually and starting start_trigger again

start start_trigger
Only start_trigger starts, all other resources are still offline.

Is it planned to allow some more order rules in groups? E. g. parallel start of some resources in a group?

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