[Pacemaker] [1/6 V2] Clusters from Scratch, Ch-Intro

Lon Hohberger lhh at redhat.com
Mon Apr 4 14:29:41 EDT 2011

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> Attached are patches for the Introduction chapter of "Clusters From
> Scratch".


* Clarifies some things; ex: preface seemed to say we wouldn't be using the crm tool, then we used it extensively.


* "...resources and services under it's control...": "it's" -> "its".  Does it make sense (Andrew?) to mention member (node, whatever) failures?

* It looks like you removed the basic answer to "What is Pacemaker?".  You could, rather than removing the bit about what Pacemaker is and replacing it with only what it does, say:

  "Pacemaker is a cluster resource manager which achieves..."

* This looked weird:

  "cluster low level infrastructure"

I'm not sure this clarifies anything; "cluster infrastructure" was fine.

* Should there be a link to the heartbeat website (http://linux-ha.org/wiki/Heartbeat) for the Heartbeat?

* "In this quide" ... ?

* "Then we will...": needs comma?  "Then, ..."

I had already looked at the changes to SVGs visually, so I will refrain from attempting to nit-pick SVG diffs.

-- Lon

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