[Pacemaker] double stonith device

Andrew Daugherity adaugherity at tamu.edu
Mon Apr 4 14:03:00 EDT 2011

Christian Zoffoli <czoffoli at ...> writes:
> Hi to all,
> I've a cluster with IPMI enabled servers and dual switch rack PDU APC
> AP7953, each server has 1 PSU connected to APC1 and 1 PSU connected to APC2.
> I want to add stonith to my cluster configuration ...mainly corosync +
> clvm + ocfs2 ...so what's the best way ...in your opinion?
> 1- IPMI stonith
> or
> 2- APC stonith ...but I've a little problem that I cannot figure how to
> archive ...I need to launch the same stonith command on 2 PDUs to
> poweroff a server ...and I don't know how to do it without writing a new
> stonith module.

I'd go with IPMI, it's simpler.  I recall someone recommending external/ipmi
over ipmilan.so, so that's what I use, but I can't remember why exactly.

The APC PDUs do support outlet groups spanning several PDUs, using multicast I
believe.  There's even a note about it in README.rackpdu in the cluster-glue
In case your nodes are equipped with multiple power supplies, the
PDU supports synchronous operation on multiple outlets on up to
four Switched Rack PDUs. See the User's Guide for more
information on how to setup outlet groups.

What I'm not clear about is how to tell the apcmaster stonith plugin which
outlet group to control.  The only parameters mentioned in its built-in help are
ipaddr, login, and password.


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