[Pacemaker] Immediate fs errors on iscsi connection problem

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Mon Apr 4 00:24:49 EDT 2011


03.04.2011 22:42, ruslan usifov wrote:
>     You need some tuning from both sides.
>     First, (at least some versions of) ietd needs to be blocked (-j DROP)
>     with iptables on restarts. That means, you should block all incoming and
>     outgoing packets (later is more important) before ietd stop and unblock
>     all after it starts. I use home-brew stateful RA for this, which blocks
>     (DROP) all traffic to/from VIP in slave mode and passes it to a later
>     decision (no -j) in master mode.
> Thanks for reply, But how to implemet this from pacemaker. Or i must to
> modify inet.d scripts?

You can try attached.
This was a first trial to write RA... It may contain some wrong logic,
especially with scores, but it works for me.
It is intended to be colocated with IP-address resource:
colocation col1 inf: FW:Master ip
order ord1 inf: ip:start FW:promote

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