[Pacemaker] Should monitor operations be stopped after a resource is unmanaged?

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Fri Apr 1 16:04:01 EDT 2011

01.04.2011 18:36, Ron Kerry:
> Folks -
> Consider a running cluster with all resources managed. We want to stop 
> and quickly restart a particular resource without impacting other 
> resources. The software stack running on the system can deal with this 
> sort of temporary outage. We perform the following actions:
>   * unmanage the resource
>   * stop the resource
>   * start the resource
>   * manage the resource
> The above procedure is sometimes successful. However, we will also 
> sometimes get a resource monitor failure after stopping the resource. 
> It is clear that the monitor operation was not stopped (at least not 
> immediately) by unmanaging the resource.

Unmanaged resource cannot be started and stopped, but can still be 

> Will the monitor operation get stopped when a resource is unmanaged?
> If so, how long will it take for this to occur?
> What determines this length of time?
> Is there a better way to do a quick restart of a resource without 
> impacting other resources?
> (In our case the resource is a member of a resource group)

Resource group is a shortcut describing ordered set of resources. When 
one of them is restarted, all subsequent resources must also be 
restarted. In your design, it is not necessary. I would not recommend 
using groups in this case.

Pavel Levshin

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