[Pacemaker] resource order question

u.schmeling at online.de u.schmeling at online.de
Fri Apr 29 03:16:09 EDT 2011

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Hi all,

Using the MailTo resource I want to generate a more specific message, like this: Having 2 resources running on a node like MailTo and Dummy (besides some other resources) . Adding a order rule like "order Dummy-before-Notify inf: Dummy MailTo". So if the Dummy resource is started it will write a specific message to a file and MailTo will pickup the message. Now my question: Having this order, on a stop event which resource will be stopped first? If also Dummy would be stopped first, it would be possible to place a specific down messag into the stop procedure of Dummy and picking it up again with MailTo

regards Uwe

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