[Pacemaker] Reboot node with stonith after killing a corosync-process?

Tom Tux tomtux80 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 01:17:14 EDT 2011


I have a two node cluster (stonith enabled). On one node I tried
stopping openais (/etc/init.d/openais stop), but this was hanging. So
I killed all running corosync processes (killall -9 corosync).
Afterward, I started openais on this node again (rcopenais start).
After a few seconds, this node was stonith'ed and went to reboot.

My question hereby:
Is this a normal behavior? If yes, is it, because I killed the hanging
corosync-processes and after starting openais again, the cluster
recognized an unclean state on this node?

Thanks a lot.

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