[Pacemaker] IP address for HA service

Carlos G Mendioroz tron at huapi.ba.ar
Thu Apr 14 12:39:03 EDT 2011

I've a doubt on the best way (tm) to deal with HA in the case of 
services that are somehow proxies to some other resource (i.e.
stateless in some sense).

The problem seems to be that the clients need to know its identity
and location, which usually boils down to IP address.

Even though some services might run well with anycast models,
many are TCP based so anycast does not fit that good.

"moving" the IP address seems the usual mechanism that
pacemaker based resources use. This implies that the service itself
has to be restarted, because many depend on the service IP address
being attached to the host for the configuration to be accepted.

Has anybody thought about having a local (i.e. loppback) address
and then switching ARP responsibility over the LAN as an alternative ?
Has this been implemented already and I'm rediscovering a wheel ? :)

Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron at huapi.ba.ar>  LW7 EQI  Argentina

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