[Pacemaker] Unable to stop Multi state resource

rakesh k rakirocker4236 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 03:02:21 EDT 2011

Hi All

I had configure heartbeat with 2 node cluster and 7 resources

The list of resources are Tomcat,apachehttpd,Mysql and FSR where mysql and
FSR are multi-state resource.

and i had given order and co-location constraints please find the crm
configuration for order and co-location

*colocation FSR-with-Tomcat inf: Tomcat1 MS_FSR:Master
colocation Httpd-with-ip inf: HttpdVIP Httpd
colocation Mysql-with-ip inf: MysqlVIP MS_Mysql:Master
colocation Tomcat1-with-ip inf: Tomcat1VIP Tomcat1
order FSR-after-tomcat inf: Tomcat1 MS_FSR
order Httpd-after-op inf: HttpdVIP Httpd
order Mysql-after-ip inf: MysqlVIP MS_Mysql
order Tomcat1-after-MYSQL inf: MS_Mysql Tomcat1VIP
order Tomcat1-after-ip inf: Tomcat1VIP Tomcat1*

now my question is on the two node cluster when i am stopping MS_Mysql
multistate resource using *crm resource stop MS_Mysql*, as per the above
order given all the process  should stop on the cluster frame work, but
still i am finding FSR process running.  is there any error in the order or
co-location constraints provided. please let me know, i am running out of

One more concern for Pacemaker

is the mailer -link available when it would be up.


is there any new link created for this mailer-list.

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