[Pacemaker] Ordering Sets of Resources within Groups

Ulf mopp at gmx.net
Mon Apr 11 08:52:49 EDT 2011

Hi everybody,

I read the documentation http://www.clusterlabs.org/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Explained/index.html#s-resource-sets-ordering and like to something like it is mentioned in "Example 6.12".

As crm command it should be something like this:
order start-order 0: ( A B ) C D ( E F )
In this example score 0 is set, but I want to set "no score", how to do it?

Here comes my real question.
How can I start the whole "start-order" process with one click. I want to have something like a "group" but within start rules in the group. But I wasn't able to apply these "order constraints" within a group.

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