[Pacemaker] [0/6 V2] Clusters from Scratch updates for F14

Marcus Barrow mbarrow at redhat.com
Sun Apr 3 22:28:12 EDT 2011

Version 2 of this patch set.

I attempted to send this patches with tool that automates the process, but
it failed on files with UTF-8 text. I didn't realize there was any in the
documentation, but it appears as padding in the screen shot sections.

Here are the original patches I tried to send but added as attachments to
the emails. Please disregards the earlier 2 patches that did get out.


The following patches apply to the devel version of "Clusters From Scratch".

They consist of mostly small changes and some small additions. Fedora 14 was
used as a base to perform the work in this document. I was not successful in
my first attempts to bring up drbd so this part of the manual is not really
updated yet. There remains some work to do in the Introduction to Pacemaker
and also the chapter on Active-Active when I understand these better.

I will follow up with some more work on the diagrams in the Introduction.


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