[Pacemaker] lrmadmin -C blocks on subsequent invocations

Dave Williams dave at opensourcesolutions.co.uk
Sat Nov 27 13:11:33 EST 2010

> > OK - what I understand having spent an evening looking at the source
> > code is that upon lrmadmin client disconnecting from lrmd's cmd socket
> > (having got what it needs) lrmd is left to tidy up by deleting the client
> > event source from the GMainContext GLib loop. It is in the process of
> > calling g_source_remove() which then hangs deep inside GLib on a mutex
> > lock.
> >
> > On the surface the overall sequence makes sense but the hang doesnt and
> > clearly shouldnt happen. I am at a loss as to whether it is a GLib
> > issues (unlikely I would have thought?) or its an lrmd bug.
> >
> > lrmd should NEVER hang! Can anyone help?
> >
> > Are there any other mailing lists I can try??
> They are discussing something similar over on linux-ha.
> Are you using upstart resources in the cluster by any chance?
Yes I need upstart  - although if I cant get it working I may rewrite the
/etc/init.d scripts for the daemons I need to control to avoid using

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