[Pacemaker] 2 node failover cluster + MySQL Master-Master replica setup

Ruzsinszky Attila ruzsinszky.attila at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 11:46:58 EST 2010

> So I guess there are 2 ways for a MS setup with MySQL.
And where is a cookbook for setting up M-S config?
Why not M-M?

I tried to install MySQL Workbench for SLES11 SP1.
There are some broken dependencies. :-(
Instead of that fact workbench started. (complained about
missin SSH tunnel)

I wanted to configure RELOAD and SUPER privs. I was
surprised I'm not able to do that with workbench! :-(
There are just some predefined role. So I have to learn
mysql + GRANT commands.

Pacemaker (mysql) wrote some lines in messages file about
missing privs, like RELOAD and SUPER. Is that the only problem?
I don't think so ...

I'll check my DMC for mysql parameters ...


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