[Pacemaker] Ordering clones and primitives

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at oddbit.com
Tue Nov 2 16:15:56 EDT 2010

> Right now, I don't have a solution for this problem using
> clones if you're running pacemaker v1.0.x.

I went ahead and created two sets of Route resources.  Each one has to
go into a separate routing table to prevent conflicts, which
complicates things a bit, but it seems to work.  If the cluster grows
beyond two IP addresses, this either means tremendously messy routing
tables (/pacemaker configuration) or it means splitting the addresses
into two atomic groups.  This is fine for HA, but would limit our
ability to move around individual addresses for load balancing
purposes.  Fortunately, we're not there yet, so this is just

>  If you're with
> v1.1.x, then you can specify clone instances in collocations
> (i.e. clone_net_route:n where n is 0 or 1) and
> validate-with="pacemaker-1.1" attribute in the cib tag. You'll
> have to do the latter with cibadmin, the shell doesn't support
> that.

Would you mind posting an example of this syntax?  I tried:

      <rsc_colocation id="ip_0_with_routes" score="INFINITY">
        <resource_set id="ip_0_with_routes-0">
          <resource_ref id="ip_0"/>
          <resource_ref id="clone_net_route:0"/>
          <resource_ref id="clone_def_route:0"/>

(with validate-with="pacemaker-1.2")

But "cibadmin --replace ..." complains:

  Call cib_replace failed (-47): Update does not conform to the
configured schema/DTD

And in the log:

2010-11-02T16:14:15.367443-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: WARN:
cib_process_request: Operation complete: op cib_replace for section
constraints (origin=local/cibadmin/2, version=0.16.1): Update does not
conform to the configured schema/DTD (rc=-47)
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918583-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Element resource_set has extra content: resource_ref
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918618-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Element rsc_colocation failed to validate content
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918626-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Element constraints has extra content: rsc_colocation
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918633-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Invalid sequence in interleave
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918639-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Element configuration failed to validate content
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918645-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: ERROR:
Element cib failed to validate content
2010-11-02T16:14:34.918652-04:00 ircs-webfe-0 cib: [10403]: WARN:
cib_perform_op: Updated CIB does not validate against pacemaker-1.1

I also tried using <resource_ref id="net_route:0"/>, etc, with the same result.


-- Lars

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