[Pacemaker] RC1 announcement for glue 1.0.7/hb 3.0.4

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Nov 30 15:57:18 EST 2010


The new releases of Heartbeat (3.0.4) and cluster-glue (1.0.7)
are mostly ready. The new code has been tested and we don't
expect any more changes. If you want to give them a whirl on your
test clusters, please do so and report any issues before
Monday Dec 6. On that day we'll issue the final release. Unless
there are showstoppers, of course.

Agents (1.0.4) with all current improvements and some new RAs
will likely be released next week as well.

The highlights:

- cluster-glue

	- external stonith plugins report now real exit codes (with
		  Pacemaker 1.1 it could happen that say failed monitor
		  operation is reported as success to the upper layers)
	- improved logging for stonith with Pacemaker 1.1 (should get
		  rid of the annoying "parse error" log messages by fence_legacy)
	- new external/nut stonith plugin (Network UPS Tools) (thanks
		  to William Seligman)
	- rename dtr|rts parameter to dtr_rts in rcd_serial; it was
		  necessary to change it, otherwise it cannot be used in XML;
		  NB: this is a regression for v1 users
	- optimization in logd and cl_log of logging to files

- Heartbeat

	- various optimizations at the communication layer
	- better support for Pacemaker 1.1
	- new mcast6 UDP IPv6 communication plugin

You can get the current tarballs here:





Lars Ellenberg
Florian Haas
Dejan Muhamedagic
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