[Pacemaker] Beginner troubles

Ziri Camden zcamden at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 13:56:50 EST 2010


I'm evaluating Pacemaker and have been working my way through the
excellent "Cluster from Scratch" document. I am using the stack as
packaged in Debian Squeeze and attempting to set up a three-node

Things work great as long as I stick to a 2-node setup with STONITH
disabled and quorum ignored. As soon as I add a third node, things get
odd. The third node isn't seen by the rest of the cluster and doesn't
see its peers. Telling it about its peers using crm configure node
doesn't have any effect except to make them appear as UNCLEAN in crm

After some restarts of all of the nodes, the original two have begun
acting strangely. crm status says that node1 sees node1,node2 as up;
node2 only sees node2 as up, and node3 is off in its' own world. I
have started over by reinstalling the stack two or three times using
different physical nodes and switch ports, so I'm pretty sure this
isn't a hardware thing.

So much for describing behavior.

My corosync.conf is at http://pastebin.ca/2006011 ... All three hosts
use the same configuration.

A snippet of the 'third node' log files is at
http://pastebin.ca/2006017. This segment just keeps on repeating.

I don't have any complex configuration to preserve right now. What's
the best way to 'start over' without reinstalling the whole stack? Can
anyone shed light on what I'm missing? Dollars to doughnuts this is
just me not understanding some core concept. I just want three online
nodes that can see each other.

Thanks in advance.


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