[Pacemaker] ManageRAID Constraints

eugenio ciukci at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 06:25:51 EST 2010

  I'm trying to figure out how to configure constraints for ocf:heartbeat:ManageRAID (RAID5) with iSCSI devices. 

This is a visual representation of my resources: 

A: Initiator_6 |
B: Initiator_7 | --> D: ManageRAID_MD2 --> E: other stuff relying the mounted FS
C: Initiator_8 |

These are the definitions: 
primitive Initiator_7 ocf:heartbeat:iscsi \
        params portal="" target="iqn.2010-10.com.example:storage.drbd.iscsi040501" \
        op monitor interval="120" timeout="30" depth="0" \
primitive Initiator_8 ocf:heartbeat:iscsi \
        params portal="" target="iqn.2010-10.com.example:storage.drbd.iscsi060701" \
        op monitor interval="120" timeout="30" depth="0" \
primitive Initiator_9 ocf:heartbeat:iscsi \
        params portal="" target="iqn.2010-10.com.example:storage.drbd.iscsi080901" \
        op monitor interval="120" timeout="30" depth="0"
primitive ManageRAID_MD2 ocf:heartbeat:ManageRAID \
        params raidname="MD2" \
        op monitor interval="10" timeout="0" depth="0"

And here my /etc/HB-ManageRAID
MD2_LOCALDISKS="/dev/disk/iscsi/d1e1e429899fbd06796f8c9d-part1 /dev/disk/iscsi/38275716e86870dd6c85286a-part1 /dev/disk/iscsi/e101097db6842e0814b1e537-part1"

And the constraints: 
      <rsc_colocation id="RAID_MD2" score="INFINITY">
        <resource_set id="RAID_MD2-0" sequential="false">
          <resource_ref id="Initiator_7"/>
          <resource_ref id="Initiator_8"/>
          <resource_ref id="Initiator_9"/>
        <resource_set id="RAID_MD2-1" sequential="true">
          <resource_ref id="ManageRAID_MD2"/>

When I manually start the Initiators on the same node and then ManageRAID everything works fine as soon as one of the target goes offline.

So, here my problems: 
1) how can I define the constraints so that the resources are automatically started in the correct order (group is not a good idea... see 2) )?
2) how can I define the constraints so that when one initiators goes offlinte ManagerRAID stays active (and working)?
3) is it possible to start ManageRAID with just 2 Initiators online?
4) finally, how can I recover from an Initiator failure when it comes again online?

Thank you.


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