[Pacemaker] Multistate Resources is not promoted automatically

Simon Jansen simon.jansen1 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 11 03:59:59 EST 2010

Hi everybody,

I wrote a multistate resource agent to manage the Rsyslog service in a
master/slave setup.
In the master role the service is started with a predefined
rsyslog_master.conf. In the slave role with a predefined rsyslog_slave.conf
configuration file.
The start operation of the agent starts the service in slave mode. The RA
passes all tests of the ocf-tester tool.
When I use the RA to configure a multistate resource in the cluster, the
cluster starts the resource on both nodes as slave. The problem is that the
resource isn't promoted automatically. When I do a
crm(live)# resource promote msRsyslog
on the subshell the resource is promoted correctly it and starts as master
on one node.

This is the definition of the resource:
primitive resRsyslog ocf:heartbeat:Rsyslog \
    params master_config="/etc/rsyslog_master.conf"
slave_config="/etc/rsyslog.conf" \
    op monitor interval="10" role="Master" timeout="30" start-delay="1" \
    op monitor interval="12" timeout="31" \
    op start interval="0" timeout="120" \
    op stop interval="0" timeout="120"
ms msRsyslog resRsyslog

Further I attached the resource agent.



Simon Jansen

Simon Jansen
64291 Darmstadt
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